angle-left Total digital - library in a new look

Total digital - library in a new look

Hundreds of online meetings were completed, tens of thousands of data migrated, the media catalogue polished, interfaces fiddled around, new features programmed, texts juggled. Now it is here, the new Bibo software. An innovative booking system developed in Sweden with a barrier-free website.

Cloud-based, user-friendly and future-oriented - after six months of preparation, Bibo Teltow is one of the first libraries in Germany to use the ultra-modern and user-friendly library management system Quria. Compared to other products, it offers library staff not only greater flexibility, but also numerous additional and innovative functionalities, a more modern design and, as a result, a far better customer experience.

"Quria is a true digital first platform that breaks down the barriers between digital and physical collections," said Library Director Andrea Neumann. "For example, a major advantage for my team is that the software also runs on the tablet. This means we can take our program directly to the bookshelf, check media stocks there very easily, change locations directly or find media faster. The workflow is much more efficient that way.

There is also a big gain for library customers: A user-friendly website with an integrated media catalog. Read aloud, zoom in, select language - just three of the many tools that now enable all users and library customers to surf the site without barriers. With the present search mask it is also easy to research, display or review the latest titles accurately and to manage your own user account. After logging in, library customers can also access their loan data or reservations, renew titles, display saved searches or create notepads with titles. "We wanted to offer our visitors software that is easy to use - clear, modern and progressive. We always keep up with the times, because new functions are constantly being added," says Neumann. The result is an intuitive communication platform that fully supports digital processes and will continue to be developed further by Axiell.

Note: In order to be able to use the language selection as well as the read aloud and text help function to the full extent, the use of the Internet browsers Firefox, Google Chrome or Safari is recommended.

A huge thank you goes to Axiell - especially to Andrea Klose, Nicolai Sternitzke, Matthias Kwiecinski, Mathias Lööv and Jürgen Keck!

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